Tabletop Games. Cold Beer. Great People.

BattlePub Games is growing to be one of the largest gaming destinations in San Antonio, Tx. All experience levels and players are welcome to throw down on our battle tables! Which ever is your favorite game we can support plenty of players and offer you a frosty cold beer from our Battle Bar.

At BattlePub Games our focus is Have Fun, Build our Gaming Community, and Don't be a DI*K!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Sweet space!!! Tables on tables of wargaming, with conjoining retail shelves of games. Katelyn and Jas (owners) are super down-to-earth, genuine in their aims to cultivate a environment of exciting and comfortable gaming.
— Benjamin Medina, Google Reviews
Great atmosphere. As a person new to the tabletop community the owners are extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. Customers are welcome to have you watch gameplay and explain rules and how games are played. The layout of the store is perfect for both gameplay as well as shopping. The in house snack bar is great and has both beer and coffee options.
— QLAB Justin, Google Reviews
Easily the best game store I've been to in a decade. Attentive, knowledgeable staff and friendly, approachable clientele. To top it off, they have beer. 11/10, highly recommend.
— R.C., Google Reviews
Amazing store! knowledgeable staff. Veteran owned! Drinks, beer and snacks!!! The best gaming store in San Antonio!
— George Gallegos, Google Reviews
Fantastic game store, a great place to play your favorite games and have a drink 🍻 Really great friendly knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend to anyone that’s loves to play table top games or hobbies.
— Bodyguard17, Google Reviews


Take a look at some in-store photos below to see gameplay in action, and what you can expect from our product displays.