German Grenadiers-Bolt Action Starter Army


Highly trained and vastly experienced, the German soldier had swept across Europe, conquering all in his path. With the allied offensives in Italy, Normandy, and Russia, the forces of the Wehrmacht found themselves fighting on several fronts. Fight they did - with tenacity backed up by their superb weaponry and tactics!

This Boxed set contains German Heer troops in late war uniforms. The army list can easily be reconfigured to suit your playing style and when you are ready to expand your force there are plenty of options in the ever-growing Bolt Action range of miniatures and vehicles. 

This boxed set contains;

  • 6 plastic German Grenadier Sprues
  • German Heer 81mm Mortar Team
  • German Heer MG42 Team
  • German Heer Pak 40 Anti-tank Gun with Crew
  • Plastic Puma kit
  • Plastic Stug III G/StuH42 kit
  • Bolt Action stat cards
  • Vehicle damage markers