Dragon Ball Super Masters: Zenkai - Ultimate Deck 2023


A gorgeous 58 card deck and a Z03 booster pack! All 58 cards are silver foil. User favorite leader Goku Black, The Bringer of Despair from BT2 is back for the Z Card meta, with the mighty power to take part in tournaments right away! 13 new card types, including 3 Z. Cards are included in this product. It also includes a full 7 card Z Deck, allowing you to get the most out of ZENKAI Series gameplay! Each deck includes 1 random silver and gold foil card version of a Leader (1 type) or Z Card (3 types). Some decks at random are all holographic God Decks! These rare decks are a first for DBSCG. Both competitive players and collectors will be excited to make multiple purchases in search of max rarities!