Italian Army & Blackshirts Starter Army


These highly detailed plastic and metal figures represent soldiers of several arms of the Italian military - the regular army (the Regio Esercito) as well as specialists like the Carabinieri, Granatieri, or the fascist Camicie Nere (the Blackshirts) with their trademark black fezzes and shirts.

Helmets, sun helmets and caps further allow for temperate or tropical troops to be built so you can field your army in the dusty deserts of North Africa, the islands of the Mediterranean, the harsh cold of Russia, or the Italian home front. Medium mortar, machine gun and anti-tank gun support elements provide additional firepower. Providing armoured support is the M13/40 medium tank which can alternatively be built as a Semovente 75/18 assault gun.

Box contains:

  • 36 highly customisable plastic Italian infantry
  • A plastic M13/40 medium tank (that can alternatively be built as a Semovente 75/18)
  • 4 metal HQ figures (Officer with pistol; Officer with SMG, Medic; Radio Operator)
  • Metal MMG team (Weapon with three crew)
  • Medium Mortar team (Weapon with three crew)
  • 47mm anti-tank gun team (Weapon with three crew)