Midnight Legacy of Darkness


A century has passed since the Shadow fell.

A hundred years ago, the forces of darkness swept in from the north. They crushed the free cities of the humans, drove the elves deep into the forests, and besieged the dwarves in their mountain strongholds. Now the corrupt lieutenants of a dark god rule the broken kingdoms with an iron fist and hunt down the few brave men who still stand against the barbarism consuming their world.

Midnight allows you to take on the role of brave heroes fighting against a relentless evil. Based on the 5th Edition System Reference Document published by Wizards of the Coast® under the terms of the Open Game License, this book is fully compatible with 5th Edition. Create a character from the diverse elven, human, dwarf, halfling, gnome, and orc cultures of Eredan, choose a heroic path that will make you a legend, and go to war against the sinister legions of Izrador and his legates!

This book contains:

  • Thirteen new cultural variants specific to the Midnight universe.
  • A simple system of heroic paths for your character to become a champion of the oppressed.
  • New gifts and spells tailored to the unique challenges of the Eredan.
  • A detailed guide to the rich and storied world of Midnight.
  • Multiple opponent profiles ranging from level 1 to level 20.