More Borg: Beyond Deep


Beyond Deep is a 5.5” x 8.5” zine with 80+ pages jam-packed full of detailed maps, gruesome monsters, compelling characters, explorable locations, and strange encounters designed for the tabletop role-playing game Mörk Borg. 

The secluded mining town of Bereleah has been ground down by the exploitation of Thunder Trove Mining, its inhabitants grasping for survival at the treacherous edge of civilization and capitalism. The town is built around a now corrupted mine plagued by harrowing conditions, grotesque creatures, and a horrific mystery.

This zine drops you into the aftermath of the calamitous events of Psalm 5:5 in the world of Mörk Borg. You can easily drop it straight into an existing game, or use it as its own short campaign. Beyond Deep is laid out for minimal preparation and ease of use at the table, while still providing great detail about the mine, the town, and its inhabitants.