Once A Killer


A Warhammer Crime Anthology

In the sprawling hive city of Varangantua, crime lords and gangers, law enforcers, and vigilantes live cheek-by-jowl – killers, thieves, and worse from all echelons of society doing what they can to survive.

Return to Varangantua, a decaying hellscape where only the ruthless prosper.

In such a choking and claustrophobic environment, neither law-maker nor law-breaker is safe from dark desperation or suspicion. The tension is palpable, and the threats are real.

In Once a Killer, Always a Killer by Mitchel Scanlon, Sanctioner Kirian Malenko goes after a former pit fighter on a killing spree, but knows more about the killer than he cares to admit, Chains by Jonathan D. Beer sees a cartel and a gang lord go head to head for the release of a valuable prisoner, and in Slate Run by Mike Brooks, a bodyguard gets more than she bargained for when she is hired for a gilded function…

These collected tales of murder, betrayal, and corruption also contain stories from Nick Kyme, Denny Flowers, Jude Reid, Gareth Hanrahan, and Victoria Hayward.

Welcome to Varangantua – watch your back.

- Chains (Short story) by Jonathan D Beer
- Slate Run (Short story) by Mike Brooks
- No City for Heroes (Short story) by Victoria Hayward
- Clear as Glass (Short story) by Denny Flowers
- Skeletons (Short story) by Nick Kyme
- Once a Killer, Always a Killer (Short story) by Mitchel Scanlon
- Grit in the Wheels (Short story) by Gareth Hanrahan
- Habeas Corpus (Short story) by Jude Reid