Unstable Unicorns: Vinyl Mini Blind Box Series - Rainbow Apocalypse


The Rainbow Apocalypse is upon us! Your favorite characters from the Unstable Unicorns Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack have been turned into vinyl mini figures! Open one up to reveal the sweetest Unicorn imaginable, face one of the Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse, or discover a brand new mystery character that has never been seen before! Each vinyl mini figure comes with an exclusive Unstable Unicorns promo card featuring new artwork. The Unstable Unicorns Rainbow Apocalypse Vinyl Mini Series features 8 of your favorite Unstable Unicorns from the Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack and 2 brand new, exclusive characters. Each box comes with a mystery vinyl figure and a brand new promo card you can use in the game! Buy one figure at a time for a mystery surprise, or get the pack of 18 with a guarantee that you'll find all 10 figures! The surprise is half the fun, so all Vinyl Mini Series sales are final.