Untamed Realms


This anthology contains:

The Order of Azyr
The Interrogator, by Richard Strachan
The Orphan of Pale Harbour, by Richard Strachan
Shadowglass Creek, by Richard Strachan

Lords of the Aelves
The House of Moons, by Jeremy Lambert
The Low Road, by Evan Dicken
Soul Warden, by Miles A Drake
Cauldron of Blood, by Chris Thursten
The Hunter's Quarry, by Colin B Harvey

Despoilers of the Realms
Crown of Flames, by Noah Van Nguyen
Anger and Ash, by Gary Kloster
The Waste, the Worm and the Witch, by Gary Kloster
Boss of Bosses, by Luke Scull

Old Whitebeard
The Ancestor's Hall, by David Guymer